Tight race for the Senate almost over in WA

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1,480,303 people are enrolled to vote in Western Australia77 candidates are up for election, 15 more than the original totalVoters will elect six senatorsThe revote is estimated to cost $20 millionNearly 7000 temporary election staff have been hired for Saturday

The re-vote follows a ruling by the High Court earlier this year, which found the initial vote in 2013 void after 1370 ballot papers were missing for a recount.


A total of 77 candidates are up for election to the Senate, but concerns have been raised regarding voter fatigue as Western Australians head to the polls for the second time.

Professor Warhurst from the Australian National University said a lack of interest could lead to a low voter turnout, while the large number of micro-party candidates could again see people elected with less than one per cent of the vote.

“The idea of a preferential system is that if things go your way, if you keep getting preferences from other candidates, then you can get elected with a very percentage of the vote,” he said.

He said the initial 2013 vote was very close, resulting in Wayne Dropulich from the Australian Sports Party securing one of the now-void Senate seats despite having polled only 0.23 per cent of the first preference vote.

“There were a very large number of candidates and often when it came to distributing preferences, at the various stages in the count, the differences between the candidates were very small,” he said.

“It might just be one or two votes that make a difference.”

A number of voters will be voting for a third time on Saturday after an insecure ballot box was used for mobile polling.

The Australian Electoral Commission confirmed that a mobile polling team had difficulties constructing a ballot box when visiting an aged care facility on Monday.

The container used was later found to be secured inadequately, breaching the Commonwealth Electoral Act and forcing 75 people to recast their vote.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott weighed in on what he described as the “ineptitude” of the Commission during a media conference in Canberra on Friday.

“We need a vote that we can have confidence in,’ he said.

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