Jack Osbourne: MS diagnosis was scary

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Jack Osbourne says he thought he would die when he found out he had Multiple Sclerosis.


The former reality star was diagnosed with the condition in 2012.

The 28-year-old’s mother Sharon broke down in tears on TV show The Talk when she revealed his condition, so now he keeps her in the dark about what he’s going through.

“I just don’t tell her anything [now]; It’s just the safest way to be. I think she took it a little bit worse than I did in some regards, but she tends to bear the burden more than me at times. It’s just because she’s a controlling mother. That’s it,” he laughed to Smashing Interviews Magazine.

Joking aside, Jack admits he didn’t fully understand his condition when he was first diagnosed.

“At the time, I didn’t really know what MS was. I thought that MS was an automatic death sentence, and that was it,” he revealed.

“I had no idea. I had a lot of confusion. At first, you just kind of ponder it all, and then there was some anger and frustration. You have to try to figure out what it’s all about, and then you just have to accept it.”

Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that affects the brain and spinal cord (central nervous system).

Jack was diagnosed only three weeks after the birth of his first child, daughter Pearl Clementine, who was born in April that year.

But Jack credits her arrival with helping him not feel sorry for himself.

“You don’t have any other options [but to accept it], especially when you have a new baby, that was only three weeks at the time,” he added.

“That was a blessing. I didn’t have the time to just sit around and dwell on it and say, ‘Woe is me’.”

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